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Advent outreach tools from UMCOM

Boy with Nigerian nativity set

Advent is six weeks away. It’s not too late to order resources to reach out to your congregation and community during this 2018 holiday season.

Advent by Candlelight

Stories of women, for women, told by women. Continue Reading Advent by Candlelight

Longing for God’s rule

“There are real reasons to hope for a Second Advent of Christ,” says Pastor Bill Bills.

Keep holiday holy

Be intentional. Don’t let busyness cut into your spiritual experience of Advent.

Advent disaster relief

Bishop David Bard announces that Disaster Relief is the focus for 2017 Advent in

Simplify your Christmas

Scaling back in order to experience a more healthy and holy Christmas season.

Running from hate, standing for love

Today families are fleeing Syria in much the same way the Holy Family fled Judea centuries ago.

Remembering God in Advent

Rev. Dan Dick tells the story of how a seminary class changed a lifetime of thinking about Advent.

Forward in prayer

The Commission on a Way Forward will begin their work with prayer.

The Joyful Journey

Bishop David Bard invites us to ‘bend low’ this Advent in order to listen to our neighbors.

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