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Young Adult Ministries Toolbox

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Everything you need is right here.  Just click on any of the items below to download or visit the latest resources for local churches.

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  • MI UMC Young Adult Ministry Facebook PageConnect with other Young Adults in the Michigan Conference of the UMC, view posts regarding internships/job opportunities, have access to the articles posted weekly to the page. 
  • Apply to be a Global Mission Fellow, this program is a 2-year mission opportunity for young adults ages 20-30. Participants are invited to engage with the local communities, connect the church in mission, and grow in personal and social holiness. This program allows for transformation and leadership development to take place while addressing root causes of social injustices with other young people from around the world. 

Articles and Books



  • Four Questions to Help You Find Your Calling, Oprah Winfrey feat. Steven Pressfield - SuperSoul Sunday



  • Young Adult Ministry in the Church, Jason Hale - LifeWay
  • From the Ground Up: Beginning a Young Adult Ministry from Scratch, Dennis Franck - Relevant Magazine
  • Young Adult Ministry: Let the Babysitting Cease, Gary E. Russell - Ministry Magazine


  • You Lost Me: Reconnect Christianity with Teens and Young Adults, David Kinnaman and Barna Group - Watch a promo  for the book here
  • Growing Young: Six Essential Strategies to Help Young People Discover and Love Your Church, Kara Powell, Jake Mulder, Brad M. Griffin

Available Workshops

  • 101: So your church wants to start a young adult ministry?

    The workshop includes resources for discernment on whether to begin a ministry with young adults, how to move forward, or creating a ministry team that will help create a culture, within the church, for young adult ministry.
  • 202: Our church is ready for young adults, where are they?

    The workshop provides resources to identify young adult groups within the community where your church resides, current trends, and getting outside of the church walls to reach young adults. 
  • 303: We are reaching young adults, now what?

    Young adult ministry is "ministry with" not "ministry to". The workshop will provide resources that will help your church integrate young adults into the life of the church, how to navigate the tensions that will arise, and effective evaluation of ministry. 

Looking to engage in Ministry? 

  • Motown Mission: Motown Mission is a city mission destination in Detroit, MI for Christian youth, college, and adult groups interested in economic disaster recovery work. Deeply rooted in Wesleyan values of grace, mission and service. 
    • Apply to be on summer staff here!
  • EncounterMICall Internship Program: TThe EncounterMICall Internship Program is a collaboration of Wesley Campus Ministries, MI Area UMC, local churches, and non-profit organizations. The purpose of the program is to develop young adult, student leaders spiritually grounded in the Wesleyan tradition by providing a year-long internship at local churches and social service/non-profit agencies. The program will assist participants in encountering God’s call in their lives through one on one mentoring and group processing and strengthen their leadership skills through trainings and retreats. The program also provides opportunities to deepen Christian faith by developing spiritual practices.
    • Apply to be an intern for a fall and spring semester here!
  • Mission Intern Program: For young adults post high school.  An 8-week summer program at United Methodist congregations and related non-profits across Michigan. The goal is to develop young adult leaders, through an on-boarding training and ongoing site supervision.  The program also assists United Methodist congregations to be in ministry with their local communities, and answer the challenge of the Bishops’ Initiative on Children and Poverty. Interns at congregations will lead summer children’s programs or serve at Cass Community Social Services or God’s Country Cooperative Parish. At Cass Services in Detroit, interns will work with volunteer teams and organizing field trips for children living at Cass’s residences. At God’s Country Cooperative Parish in Newberry, interns coordinate volunteer teams providing home repair for local residents and lead a two-week swim class for area children.
    • Apply to be a Mission Intern here!
  • Ministry Exploration Internship: The Ministry Exploration Intern program enables congregations to identify a young adult in their congregation who displays gifts for the ministry of the elder.  Ministry Interns serve 15-20 hours weekly in their home congregations, meeting with their pastor regularly, reading together, engaging in the ministry of elder, preaching a sermon, and participating in a week long mission, camp or social justice project.  Ministry Interns are expected to participate in an orientation day and engage in self reflection. Ministry Exploration Interns receive a $2000 stipend.
    • Apply to be a Ministry Exploration Intern here! 
    • If you're a Pastor or Local Church, you can find the application here!
  • Global Mission Fellows: For adults ages 20-30: This program is a 2-year mission opportunity to serve internationally or in the US.  Participants will engage with local communities while addressing the root causes of social injustices with other young people from around the world.
    • For more information on how to become a GMF, click here! 
  • CDF-Freedom School: An intergenerational leadership model staffed primarily by college students and recent college graduates, with a 10:1 child to adult ratio. Rooted in the Mississippi Freedom Summer project of 1964, the CDF Freedom Schools program is a six-week summer literacy and cultural enrichment program designed to serve children and youth in grades K–12 in communities where quality academic enrichment programming is limited, too expensive, or non-existent. The CDF Freedom Schools program enhances children’s motivation to read and makes them feel good about learning.
    • To apply to be a Servant Leader Intern, contact Lisa Batten at
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