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Michigan Conference 
Statistician's Corner

Welcome to the Statistician’s Corner where you will find everything you could imagine for submitting a Local Church Report, except for someone else to do it.

By Discipline direction, the submission of an annual Local Church Report to the Annual Conference is the appointed pastor’s responsibility to be done by January 30th each year. Thank you in advance for submitting the report in a timely manner. Here are some resource links you may need to accomplish this task:

The links on this page are mostly PDF documents. These files are in format Version 6.0 and above. If you need a program for opening a .pdf file, please download a free reader for computers, browsers, and mobile devices at

1. The Internet Site to Use for Entering the Report: .

2. Check List for the Annual Local Church Report. 01-stat-Everything-you-need.pdf

3. Ezra Statistics Tables Line Descriptions: 09-stat-Local-Church-Report-Lines Descriptions.pdf

4. Frequently asked Questions: 05-stat-Frequently-Asked-Questions.pdf . 
For example: How do I create another Ezra Statistics user for our church? 

5. A copy of the Statistics fall letter announcing the Local Church Report. 02-stat-Year-End-Announcment-Letter.pdf

6. Picture by picture: How to sign on to Ezra Statistics and Fill in, Save, and Submit a Local Church Report. 03-stats-Ezra-GCFA-User-Guide.pdf

7. Need to know what your sign on ID is? Go here for a list of IDs and new Treasurer’s Alignment numbers by district: 04-stat-Local-Church-ID-Numbers.pdf

8. How to Get Help: 06-stat-How-To-Get-Help.pdf

9. Step by Step Guide to the Local Church Report: 07-stat-Guide-Annual-Statistics-Report.pdf

10. Who and How to Count Attendance: 11-YOU-COUNT_Membership_Attendance_Missions.pdf

11. Clergy Compensation Worksheet: 12-Compensation-and-Expenses-Worksheet.pdf

12. GCFA Statistical Forms in Spanish and Korean:

13. Typical calendar for the Local Church Report: 10-stat-CALENDAR-FOR-THE-LOCAL-CHURCH-REPORT.pdf

14. Are you looking for a ten year graph for your church’s statistics or a former year’s Statistics Report to the Annual Conference? These directions will help: 08-stat-Statistics-Archives.pdf

Finally, please get in touch with us if you want a real person to talk to about the Local Church Report. Thank you.

Pamela Stewart
Michigan Conference Statistician

517.347.4030 ext. 4137

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