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Equitable Comp

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The purpose of the commission on equitable compensation is to support full-time clergy

Nancy Patera – West Michigan Conference Equitable Compensation Chair

Mark Zender – Detroit Conference Equitable Compensation Chair

Online Form

Equitable Compensation Application

  • Note: If multiple churches in a charge are seeking salary support, each church requesting funding must complete its own application.
  • If needed, you may also request additional funding to support pension obligations related to the salary request in “A.” This assumes that the pastor qualifies for CRSP/CPP. To figure the maximum amount of pension support you may request, multiply the amount in “A” by .1875 (18.75%). For example, a $5,000 request would result in a $937.50 maximum pension request.
  • Native American churches requesting housing and/or health insurance support must complete the two items below.

  • (A+B+C+D)
  • Additional Information to Accompany Request

  • Please list all sources and amounts hoped to be received for the church's 2018 budget:

  • If included in "All other sources" of income above, please indicate funding expected from:

  • List all years you have received Equitable Compensation support and the total grant amount received for all areas (salary, pension, housing and health insurance)

  • It is expected that congregations/charges will have a plan for growth to become self-supporting and that assistance from Equitable Compensation will be needed for no more than three years.

    Please respond to either A or B:
  • Please provide comments.
  • Answers to the following questions will help the Commission to understand your specific church/ministry setting. If needed you may attach additional sheets.

  • Please indicate the percentage of Ministry Shares that will be paid this year, as well as the percent paid in the prior two years:
  • Drop files here or
    Accepted file types: pdf, doc(x), xls(x), jpg/gif/png, ppt-upto25mb.
    Please include both a Year to Date Treasurer's Report, the final previous year's Treasurer's Report, and the Ad Board minutes showing approval to apply for Equitable Compensation.