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About us

The Michigan Conference strives for a dynamic and growing church, joyously sharing and living the Good News of Jesus Christ in a multiplicity of places, in a variety of cultural settings, reaching the Hispanic and Latino communities throughout Michigan and embracing their cultural richness and diversity.

Hispanic Latino Celebration

Servicios de Adoración en español/ Worship Services in Spanish

La Nueva Esperanza Iglesia Metodista Unida

1005 Evergreen St SE, Grand Rapids, Michigan 49507

Servicio de Adoración a las 11:30 AM/ Worship Service at 11: 30 AM

Centro Familiar Cristiano Iglesia Metodista Unida

3401 Oakwood Blvd, Melvindale, MI 48122

Servicio de Adoración a las 11 AM/ Worship Service at 11 AM


“Creating the balance between Intellectual and Physical Labor in leadership.”

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