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2018 Local Church Charge Conference Forms


Clergy Self-Evaluation
Equitable Compensation Form
Housing Allowance Form
Furnishings Allowance Form
Wespath UMPIP Contribution Election Instructions
Wespath UMPIP Billing Change Form
Business of the Church Conference
Annual Report Members Attending Colleges and Universities 2018-19
Deacon Annual Report 2017-2020
Extension Ministry Annual Report


SPRC-Clergy Evaluation Instructions
SPRC Evaluation of Clergy
SPRC-Clergy Joint Dialogue
Instructions for 2019 Clergy Compensation Recommendation Report 
2019 Clergy Compensation Recommendation Report Form (excel)
2019 Clergy Compensation Recommendation Report Form (pdf)
Instructions for 2019 DSA Compensation Recommendation Report 
2019 DSA Compensation Recommendation Report Form (excel)
2019 DSA Compensation Recommendation Report Form (pdf)
2019 Clergy Benefits Letter
2019 Michigan Conference Health Insurance Premium Chart-FINAL
Clergy Retirement Security Program (CRSP)
Minimum Salary Amounts for 2019 (Years of service 1-40)
Accountable Reimbursement Policy Form (clergy & staff) 
2019 Equitable Compensation Guidelines 

Church Council

Profile of the Church
Business of the Church Conference
Agenda for Church Conference


GCFA Report of the Finance Committee
GCFA Fund Balance Report (Annual Audit)
GCFA Local Church Audit Guide & FAQs
GCFA Financial & Statistical Forms Library

Michigan Conference Finance/Treasury Resources

Statistician website for Table 1, 2, 3 info


GCFA Annual Report of the Trustees
GCFA Annual Accessibility Audit Form
GCFA Insurance Worksheet
Parsonage Information Sheet
Parsonage Inspection Form (supplemental, to be printed and used on a clipboard when inspecting the parsonage)
Parsonage Policy (supplemental)

Membership Secretary

Membership Report (revised 8-30-18)
Recording Secretary Guidelines for Church Conference Minutes

Nominations and Leadership Development

Native American Comprehensive Plan Representative


Certified Lay Servant Annual Report
Certified Lay Speaker Annual Report
Certified Lay Minister Annual Report

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