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Church Vibrancy Resource Review

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Adaptive Leadership – What is it?

In the book Canoeing the Mountains; Christian Leadership in Uncharted Territory, Todd Bolsinger (Cokesbury) calls church leaders to adaptive leadership. Pastor Tod challenges us to become explorers similar to Lewis and Clark who had to adapt when they realized there was no waterway to the Pacific Ocean. These explorers found themselves in the Rocky Mountains with only canoes and no water! Have you ever felt the church was in a similar place, what once worked is not working anymore?  The author makes the case that we are at an adapt or die moment, similar to what these early explorers faced. I have been leading church renewal for over six years and I believe this book has offers leaders clarity and insight to this new type of leadership needed in our churches today. He makes it clear that we have lost our main Mission of “making disciples” and gives a clear rational and steps for leaders to place the mission of the church back in the driver’s seat. It is a must read!   

Find the link to order this book in the Leadership Section of the  Church Vibrancy Toolbox

canoeing the mountains book