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A heart for mission with Engage MI

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EngageMI is a new way to approach neighbors next door and around the world with the eyes of your heart. Learn more.

EngageMI, a new mission giving and mission engagement program, was introduced at the 2018 Michigan Annual Conference. This new initiative begins when previous programs — Six Lanes of Advance and Spotlight Church – end on December 31, 2018. The multi-layered approach of EngageMI challenges congregations to LEARN, GIVE, and ACT.

Beginning January 1, 2019 congregations are asked to engage in at least one LEARN and one ACT experience during the year ahead. GIVE involves the funding of programs — local, regional and global — through Ministry Shares and Advance Specials recognized by the General Board of Global Ministries or The Michigan Conference.

Program details

The EngageMI section of the conference website is filled with guides, tools and information that describes the program and facilitates reporting. Here’s a brief tour.

LEARN – Deepens understanding of “ministry with”; listens to people from diverse communities; and increases understanding of root causes of systemic injustice.

GIVE – There are Six Steps for mission giving in order to become an EngageMI Congregation.

ACT – Long-term building of relationships, working for justice and offering safety and accessibility within your congregation.

MINISTRY PARTNERS – A step-by-step guide to ministry partners. Learn about them. Give to them. Act with them.

In addition to this online information, EngageMI booklets were distributed at the 2018 Michigan Annual Conference. Mission leaders may ask their pastor or lay member for a copy. All congregations will receive an additional copy in the mail in September.

Reporting 2018

Giving through December 31,2018 will still be reported with Spotlight Church (former Detroit Conference) and Six Lanes (former West Michigan Conference) forms. Click here to find those materials. Questions about submitting 2018 mission giving funds should be directed to the Conference Treasurer’s Office, 517-347-4030 Ext #4134.

Planning 2019

EngageMI reports will not be submitted until January 2020.Churches fulfilling the LEARN-GIVE-ACT requirements will be recognized as EngageMI Congregations. EngageMI gifts made during 2019 will be submitted along with monthly Ministry Shares. except for District Christ-Centered Mission and Ministry Projects that will be remitted directly to the project.

In addition to Ministry Partners and Projects currently listed on the EngageMI website, the nine new districts are also in the process of determining their District Christ-Centered Mission and Ministry Projects. These projects will be posted on district websites and gifts will be remitted directly to the CCMM projects.

EngageMI is something new, not simply a combination of the Spotlight and Six Lanes programs. Mission leaders may find that projects supported in the past are not listed in EngageMI. EngageMI promotes a select number of Michigan, National, and International Projects and Mission Personnel. Congregations are free to give to any projects or missionaries. But, to qualify to be an EngageMI Congregation, those projects must be recognized by the General Board of Global Ministries (GBGM) and have an General Advance Number. Click here for the official list of GBGM Advance Specials.

Training ahead

You can learn more about EngageMI by attending one of these district presentations:

Central Bay: EngageMI table at District Conference, October 13, 9am-3pm, Midland: First UMC
East Winds: Engagemi  workshop at District Conference, October 14, 3pm, Clarkston UMC
Greater Detroit: Presentation to be determined
Greater Southwest: EngageMI  workshop at District Conference, November 10, time and location TBD
Heritage: EngageMI  workshop at District Conference, November 10, time and location TBD
Mid-Michigan: EngageMI workshop at Lay Leadership Day, October 13, 9am, Shaftsburg UMC
Midwest: EngageMI workshop at District Conference, October 14, 2pm-4pm, Grand Rapids: First UMC
Northern Skies: EngageMI workshop at Cross Training Event, October 6, 1-5pm, Gladstone UMC
Northern Waters: EngageMI  workshop at District Conference, November 10, 1-5pm, Houghton Lake UMC

Still have questions? Contact Rev. Paul Perez, Associate Director for Mission & Ministry, (517) 347-4030 Ext. 4076 or 

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