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New CPE Center coming

The UMC will develop a new center for clinical pastoral education to meet the growing need for resources.

On June 29th the General Board of Higher Education and Ministry (GBHEM) announced the development of a new center for clinical pastoral education (CPE) to meet the growing need for pastoral education resources within The United Methodist Church.

GBHEM’s CPE Center will offer creative and flexible programs, including hybrid units to local pastors, provisional and full connection deacons and elders in a variety of ministry settings throughout the global church, as well as training for CPE supervisors.

“Through the creation of an accredited CPE Center, GBHEM will provide increased access to leadership development resources that are effective and contextual,” said Shannon Conklin-Miller, assistant general secretary of Clergy Formation, Division of Ordained Ministry, GBHEM. “We are glad that technological advances allow us to support innovation and create new partnerships and resources for the development of pastoral leaders for The United Methodist Church.”

In planning for the CPE Center, the United Methodist Endorsing Agency at GBHEM has partnered with Centered Life CPE Center as the focal point for research on hybrid CPE programming. Initial results of this research have found the hybrid modality to be as effective as traditional residential CPE units. The hybrid programs at GBHEM will initially focus on licensed local pastors and other clergy who do not have access to residential clinical pastoral education.

GBHEM is in the initial application stages for accreditation for a CPE Center with the Association for Clinical Pastoral Education. The new CPE Center will meet a need that has been both identified and requested across the Connection. Using innovative formats, the center will provide clergy leaders with access to pastoral education resources that otherwise would not be available to the global church.

The new CPE Center will be under the supervision of the Division of Ordained Ministry at GBHEM. Rev. Dr. Soomee Kim, who has years of CPE supervision experience, will join the agency on July 1, 2017, as the first director of Clinical Pastoral Education.

“Opening an already proven effective CPE model to the diverse ministry contexts of The United Methodist Church allows for limitless possibilities to enrich and strengthen our leaders and our communities,” said Kim as she described her excitement about joining GBHEM as the director of this new center.

The full support of GBHEM is behind the development of the CPE Center to further the mission of leadership development and training for future clergy leaders of the worldwide United Methodist Church.

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