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Flint thanks the United Methodist Connection for their outpouring of love during the water emergency.

Senior Editor-Writer, Michigan Area

The Crossroads District and the citizens of Flint are grateful for the United Methodist Connection–brothers and sisters from across the state and around the country–for their response to Bishop Deborah Lieder Kiesey’s Appeal for aid for the stricken city.

As of April 7 the Detroit Conference Treasurer’s Office has received close to $132,000 in donations for water relief. Congregations and individuals in Michigan account for around $100,000 of the total; people from 25 other states have donated $32,000.

Flint Water9
Students on spring break from North Central College travelled from Illinois to help share the love of Christ and bottled water. ~Facebook/Asbury UMC Flint

And help has not been limited to dollars. Students from Iowa Wesleyan University, Marquette University and North Central College in Illinois spent spring break in Flint distributing water at church resource sites. High School students from Toronto hauled cases of water.

Truckloads of water have arrived from United Methodist churches in Michigan, Wisconsin, Ohio, Georgia and Virginia.

Right now the greatest need is for volunteers. Large quantities of water are arriving on skids three times a week at two church sites. Helping hands are needed:

  • every Monday and Wednesday at 1:00 PM, at Calvary UMC, 2111 Flushing Rd., Flint, 48504;
  • every Thursday around 11:30 AM, at Asbury UMC 1653 Davison Rd., Flint, 48506.

Persons who can assist in the unloading and delivery may contact Calvary UMC at 810-238-7685 or Asbury UMC at 810-235-0016.

Flint ForumHowever, bottles are only the beginning. As a long-term solutions are sought, public awareness is of critical importance. A Panel Discussion will be held Saturday, April 16, 1-3 pm at Adrian College. “Rights, Risks and Responsibilities” surrounding the Flint water crisis will be discussed by a panel of scientists and community leaders. Two United Methodist pastors of churches serving as Water Resource Centers  are on the panel: Rev. Dr. Tommy McDoniel, Asbury UMC and Rev. Faith Green Timmons, Bethel United Methodist Church of Flint. Click here for full details. The event is free and open to the public.

Crossroads District Water Emergency Coordinator, Pete Plum, will be a presenter at Keep Making Peace at University United Methodist Church in East Lansing, also on Saturday, April 16. His topic will be, “Flint Water Crisis, Embracing Community.”




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