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Town & Country Circuit Rider Retreat

Pleasant Valley UMC
Courtesy Pleasant Valley UMC

2018 Retreat for pastors and spouses serving  smaller, single and multiple-point churches.

For pastors of churches in rural areas, villages, towns, and cities with populations of less than 50,000, there is a need for unique ministerial resources. This retreat is dedicated to equipping  lay and clergy leadership for town and country congregations, time for sharing information and concerns, as well as helping pastors serving in Town & Country churches connect each other and share encouragement and ideas.

Join the panel discussion featuring Rev. Ron Iris, Rev. Cathy Huvaere and District Superintendents Rev. John Hice, and Rev. Elizabeth Hill as they discuss "Church Resilience."  Learn how you can better deal with prickly people, and appreciate relational covenants.

"Church Resilience”
The “Rule of Christ” Matthew 18, appreciating “prickly people” and relational covenants.

Quality Inn, West Branch, Michigan
November 5, 6 & 7, 2018

$240 double occupancy
$180 single occupancy
$70 commuter (meals)
2 nights; 1 dinner; 1 lunch; 2 breakfasts



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