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AC Daily News summaries

Daily News recaps summarize what Conference members did while in Traverse City.
Two thousand United Methodists have now gone home from Traverse City to resume life in the 875 congregations across Michigan.

Here are a few randomly gleaned Facebook comments that reflect the spirit of what went on…

We have a lot of things to figure out, some really hard decisions to make, but we have a new patriarch, our Bishop David Bard, and he’s willing to work hard with us to help us not just remember who we were before but become what we might yet be. And for this I’m grateful.” Rev. Greg Lawton, Deacon West Michigan

“The Day After Annual Conference: 1. You have no idea what day it is; 2. Extroverts feel lost; 3. Introverts rejoice; 4. Eating without standing in line for 20 minutes feels wrong; 5. You have the uncontrollable desire to stand and clap at the slightest moment of agreement; 6. And making a decision without a second, an amendment, or an amendment to an amendment makes you feel EMPOWERED!” Pastor Brian West, Detroit Conference

“It was 4 days of labor after years of gestation and the creative energy of legions, but The United Methodist Church in Michigan has birthed a new Annual Conference! Its a sturdy, yet nimble, little dear with lots of filling out yet to do, and I can’t wait to see what it’s going to look like all grown up.” Rev. Annelissa Gray-Lion, Deacon Detroit Conference

And from Bishop David Bard at 10 am Monday morning: “Feels a little strange this morning not being able to greet 2,000 beautiful people. Thank you!”

While thousands of Michigan’s United Methodists could not “be there” June 1-4, these Daily News reports provide a window into the highlights of the week.

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Daily News Wrap-Up