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FAQ focuses on future of The UMC


A PDF and 23-minute video, “Blessing One Another,” have been created by The Michigan Conference from an FAQ focusing on the impact the next General Conference will have on local churches and individuals.

February 7, 2022 | LANSING, MI –Today The Michigan Conference introduces a new website — The future of The UMC — focused on 25 Frequently Asked Questions about the upcoming General Conference and how decisions made will impact individuals and local churches in Michigan.

Five of the 25 questions are:

  • What are the significant differences between the Global Methodist Church and The United Methodist Church?
  • What will be the difference between how The United Methodist Church and the GMC hire clergy?
  • Our congregation wants to stay with The United Methodist Church. Does this mean we agree to have an LGBTQ+ clergy and perform same-gender weddings?
  • If there is no General Conference in 2022, what should a congregation do if they desire to leave The United Methodist Church over the LGBTQ+ stance?
  • What happens to me if my church votes to leave or stay, and I disagree with that decision?

The FAQ is available as a downloadable/printable PDF and a video titled, “Blessing One Another.”

The 23-minute video begins with footage dating from the 1968 merger of The Methodist Church and Evangelical United Brethren Church. Bishop David Bard then speaks briefly about “the 50 years since founding that big tent denomination,” mentioning the next General Conference and the Protocol of Reconciliation and Grace through Separation. Next, eleven staff and leaders of The Michigan Conference narrate the 25 questions and answers. The video ends with a list of resources providing additional information.

This FAQ emerged from the commonly asked questions received by Michigan Conference staff, Bishop David Bard, and conference leadership. The list was created and vetted by more than 100 individuals. Information about emerging ministries — the Global Methodist Church and Liberation Methodist Connexion — were gathered from websites of origin and other materials publicly produced and distributed. 

Additional resources highlighted on the page include links to:

Pastors and lay leaders are encouraged to share this video and printable PDF with your congregation. Questions should be directed to your district office or the Rev. Dr. Jennie Browne, Clergy Assistant to the Bishop.