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Costumes for Kiddos a treat

Children in Halloween costumes

The question of the season is, “What are you going to be for Halloween?” Costumes for Kiddos is a ministry that provides an answer for some families in the neighborhood.  

Halloween is more popular than ever. Stores aisles are loaded with candy, costumes, and decorations as the countdown to October 31 continues.

Children look forward for weeks to being everything from Batman to a ballerina for a day. But for some parents the cost of trick-or-treating adds up fast.

That’s why a member of Hendersonville First United Methodist Church in Tennessee started the Nashville Costumes for Kiddos Project. United Methodist Communications reports: “The program collects gently used costumes and distributes them to families in shelters and after-school programs. It’s a simple idea backed by a Sunday school class that wanted to make an impact in the community.” 

Click here for a transcript of the video. 

In two short weeks, thousands of costumes will be worn for a couple of hours and then discarded. Your church could collect and re-purpose them for use by those who will go door to door in your community next year.

For more about how United Methodists view Halloween click here.

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