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Movie reviews with faith in mind

Highclere Castle is the scene of the movie Downton Abbey

Whether attending the theater or streaming at home, it’s helpful to have a resource to guide you through the plot, the characters, and the themes of the movie. 

The Rev. Ed McNulty is the reviewer and editor of Visual Parables, an online resource focused on faith and film. For four decades McNulty has explored the “inspiring connections between faith and pop culture.” He analyzes films, produces study guides, and publishes books that reflect on the spirituality of what’s on the screen. 

Visual Parables offers an extensive database of free movie reviews. Those wanting a deeper view can become subscribers.

Ed explains, “I agree with those writers who have suggested that, had Jesus arrived in our midst in the 21st century, he might have become a filmmaker. Jesus’ potent stories still speak to us after thousands of years—as do stories from the Hebrew scriptures and from other faith traditions around the world. Thus, the name Visual Parables was inspired by his parables.”

The current online catalog includes a review of Downton Abbey, a feature-length continuation of the story made popular on PBS just released in theaters near you. His recent blog takes a look at Ken Burn’s documentary series on Country Music.

This resource is for those who like to head to their nearest theater to view the latest release or for others who choose to settle onto the couch for a night of classics on demand. There’s even a Lectionary Links column for preachers who like to use film references in their sermons.

So grab your popcorn, bring up Visual Parables on your favorite electronic device, and enjoy.


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