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Conversation with Shannon Priddy

Two leaders in United Methodist Women, Shannon Priddy (left) and Jackie Euper

In this United Methodist People Podcast host Brad Miller talks with Shannon Priddy, the  national leader of United Methodist Women.

The Rev. Dr. Brad Miller hosts The United Methodist People Podcast. He says, “First and foremost the United Methodist People Podcast gives voice to those whose passion and call is to strengthen the connection in the United Methodist Church through the art of conversation and commentary.”

The United Methodist People Podcast tells the stories of “thought-leaders and difference-makers among the laity, clergy, local churches, annual conferences and missions of the United Methodist Church around the world.”

On June 7, 2019, Miller had a conversation with Shannon Priddy. Shannon serves as the national president of The United Methodist Women.   

Shannon currently lives in Indiana and was elected by the Indiana Conference as a delegate to the 2020 North Central Jurisdictional Conference. Growing up, she lived in Albion, Michigan. Shannon shares with Brad about her faith growing up in her local congregation and her mother’s involvement in UMW. Moving to Indianapolis, she continued to be inspired by the UMW’s emphasis on mission and social justice. Shannon get involved in her church’s unit (Indianapolis: North UMC). 


United Methodist Women reach out
Shannon Priddy (right), the national president of United Methodist Women, and Harriett Jane Olson (center), the organization’s chief executive officer, visit with Linda Miller at the All People’s Fresh Market in Columbus, OH during the UMW Assembly in May 2018. ~ umns photo/ Mike DuBose
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