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Ministry of the Month: Children

Loving ministry with children.

The website of The Michigan Conference has a large resource section full of creative and practical ideas, programs, and materials. This month we feature what’s available for ministry with children.

Are you aware that the resource section of is filled with great tools for ministry? Whether you are a pastor or a lay leader in the local church, you can find people and pointers for getting the job done in your ministry area.

Each month MIconnect will feature a ministry area in order to showcase what’s available. Featured in May: Children.

You’ll find:

  • an introduction of the Rev. Kathy Pittenger, Coordinator of Children’s Initiatives for The Michigan Conference;
  • ideas for celebrating Pentecost (June 9, 2019) with children;
  • ways to help children process trauma or crisis;
  • a Protection Policy template for use by local churches;
  • comparison of VBS materials available in 2019;
  • an invitation to join the Michigan Conference Children’s Ministry Facebook Group;
  • and more!

If you are someone who works with young people in your local church, you won’t want to miss these resources tailored just for you.

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