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Bible reading can be fun!

Woman reading Bible

“Let’s be honest,” says Pastor Jeremy Steele. “Sometimes the Bible can be hard to understand.” Here are his top ten ways to go deeper in studying God’s word.

Jeremy Steele, Teaching Pastor at Christ United Methodist Church in Mobile, Alabama, says: “Let’s be honest. We clearly believe that the Bible is the word of God and the source of spiritual life. Sometimes though, it can be heard to understand.” Steele offers a tool kit to keep the reader engaged and able to unlock the meaning of the verses.

Here are his ten tips. Click here for full detail.

  1. Decode the story.
  2. Decipher the argument
  3. Design a comic strip
  4. Create a meme.
  5. Become a Bible translator
  6. Explore the text, co-text, and intertext.
  7. Get it down to a sentence (or two).
  8. Experience it with all five senses.
  9. Practice Lectio Divina (Divine Reading)
  10. Scrapbook it.

Steele adds, “Breaking out of the box of your normal method for exploring the Bible can bring a new perspective to the Scripture, new life to your study time, and new clarity to your teaching.” Then he concludes, “It’s time to close your browser and use one of these methods to explore your Bible.”

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