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Small groups the Wesleyan way

Discipleship Resources presents the podcast series, “Small Groups in the Wesleyan Way.”

The Small Groups in the Wesleyan Way podcast goes beyond curriculum, beyond programs, beyond best practices to recover and learn from our Wesleyan roots and to explore the foundations for small groups that produce disciples of Jesus Christ who in turn disciple others.

The podcast hosts are Scott Hughes, Director of Adult Discipleship for Discipleship Ministries, and Steve Manskar, Director of Wesleyan Leadership and Covenant Discipleship for Discipleship Ministries.  

Episode 33 features an interview with Cindy Yanchury, Minister of Faith Formation at Advent United Methodist Church in Eagan, Minnesota. Cindy discusses the growth of Connect Groups while Scott and Steve explore the concept of Grace Groups. Steve Manskar shares that he is moving from Discipleship Ministries to Grand Rapids, MI where he will serve as the Senior Pastor of Trinity United Methodist Church.

Click here for the podcast.

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