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Young people and stewardship

A member of the Young Adult Network shares four keys to generous giving.

“The seasons are changing here in the United States,” says Ian Uriolla, an intern at Asbury UMC in Rochester, NY. He continues, “The temperature is starting to cool down. The days are getting shorter. Pumpkin Spice Lattes are being consumed by the gallon. And as we stare down the end of yet another fiscal year, many local churches and non-profit organizations are ramping up their efforts for their annual financial campaigns.”

He encourages churches to do a better job “of incorporating our young people into these vital ministry conversations.”

He goes on to list four ways to foster a culture of generosity among young people …

  1. Actually talk with us about financial stewardship.
  2. Actually connect your ministry expenses to your church’s mission and vision.
  3. Actually enable us to give.
  4. Actually honor our gifts when we do give.

“The church can help us and we can help the church,” Uriolla concludes.

Read more about his four points.

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