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October is Pastor Appreciation Month

From photos to prayers to food, learn what gifts — and actions — mean the most to pastors.


United Methodist Communications

I remember the first time I heard the phrase “a mother’s work is never done” as a child and thinking that sounded pretty daunting. Perhaps I would be a writer or astronaut instead. If there is one other person besides your mom who is on call practically around the clock, it’s probably your pastor.

A pastor is wedded to his or her church family as we are to our own families. But it’s definitely not a thankless job. In honor of dedicated clergy, we asked several ministers to share some of the ways church members had made them feel valued and found that for congregants and clergy alike, simple acts of caring help build a connection beyond the pulpit.

Click here for a dozen out-of-the-box ideas for expressing gratitude to the pastor.

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