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Soccer field as mission field

A United Methodist Church in Houston is using sports as a “kingdom asset.”
Rev. David Horton shares the impact of facilitating community rather than competition on the church soccer field, complete with the aid of Houston Dynamo Street Team members helping youngsters from all nations play together.

In an area of town where green space is hard to find, the new soccer field on the Gethsemane campus of St. Luke’s UMC in Houston is rightly referred to as the “Field of Dreams.” Rev. David Horton describes his personal “aha moment” that played a part in the church becoming a multicultural magnet for children of every nationality. “I knew soccer was huge in the multinational communities around our campus, but, initially, I did not realize how huge,” he admits. “In the home countries of Gethsemane’s first generation immigrant neighbors, soccer is second only to breathing. Children learn soccer around the same time they learn how to walk.”

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