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Doing Justice: Disabilities to Differences Registration

DOING JUSTICE is a series of justice-seeking studies created and made available by the Fuller Ogilvie Institute.  The Disabilities To Differences study sets the groundwork for a conversation about our relationships with people who have severe differences in their bodies, minds, or emotions. Participants will consider the implications of common terminology used in this subject and learn guidelines for more inclusive language and attitudes. Four common responses among Christians will be explored with biblical and theological frameworks. Learners will evaluate and compare the four common responses in light of the information introduced through a mix of articles, commentary and videos. For some this will be a difficult journey.  Learning together to understand the why of certain positions, will unveil wisdom and insight directing a shared journey of discovery toward God’s design of and desire for inclusive inclusion of people ‘with certain limitations, like not being able to hear, walk, or do specific intellectual activities in a typical way.’ 

Content contributors include Bethany McKinney, Paul Ulrickson, Hak Joon Lee, and Tim Dearborn.

$10 per person.  Five (5) Mondays of November (2nd, 9th, 16th, 23rd, 30th).  5:00-6:30 ct/6:00-7:30 et pm.  Online access to content.  Virtual sessions through Zoom, a free, one-time download.  Headset with microphone or earbuds recommended for best audio and video participation.

Zoom info and online access to content will be sent with registration confirmation.


Direct your questions to Jodi Fuller, Executive Administrator,

Doing Justice: Disabilities to Differences

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    Please make check payable to Michigan Conference. Please note on your check Doing Justice: Disabilities to Differences and the name of the registrant. Mail check to: Attn: Jodi Fuller Michigan Conference Center North, 1161 E. Clark Rd., Ste. 210, DeWitt MI 48820.