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Campus Ministry back to school

Campus Food Pantry at FSU Wesley

During the pandemic, Wesley Campus Ministries remained committed to the needs and dreams of young adults. Now they welcome students back to campuses around the state.

CMU Campus Ministry
Audra Hudson (r) begins her second year as Wesley Director at CMU.

During the first week of September, many parents and students post “back to school” photos. The MI Conference Campus Ministries are back to school after an unsettling and uncertain academic year during a global pandemic.    

Campus Ministry in Ann ARbor
Tim Kobler is director of Wesley Foundation at the University of Michigan. ~

Throughout the pandemic, Wesley Campus Ministries have doubled down on their commitment to young adults, re-designing programs, creating workshops, and bringing creativity to the ways they provided emotional support to those struggling through unprecedented times.

For countless students, Wesley has offered community during times when life’s challenges are at their peak. Serving as a safety net for the current needs of young adults and a springboard for what comes next, Wesley has had a positive impact on the lives of hundreds of students, even long after graduation day.

To hear stories and to meet some Michigan leaders, click this video link.

To read about some of the inspirational things happening at Wesley Campus Ministries and to donate to their programs that make a difference in the lives of young people, visit their website

~ photos courtesy of Michigan Conference Wesley Campus Ministries