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2019 AC resolutions due February 15

People voting at Annual Conference

Clergy, laity, churches and districts of The Michigan Conference are invited to submit legislation to the 2019 Annual Conference. Here’s how to prepare your resolutions.

Michigan Conference Communications

Members of the Michigan Annual Conference session in May/June 2019 and the General Conference 2020 session will consider legislative items that recommend changes to the rules, laws, procedures and structure of the church and conference. There are procedures to follow to be sure a recommendation is in order.

The Conference Rules Committee, chaired by Todd Price, is responsible for managing the legislative activity at the Michigan Conference session.

“For Annual Conference legislation, please see our Conference Plan of Organization, especially Section 5 which comprises the Rules of Order. Rule 5.1.2. gives direction for how to submit your legislation,” said Price. “Please note the deadline for submitting resolutions (formerly called petitions in the former-West Michigan Conference) is February 15. However, if the recommended action would result in a financial implication of more than $1,000, it must be submitted to the Conference Council on Finance and Administration with a five-year projection by February 1, before submitting to the Conference Rules Committee.”

Tips listed on the conference website (https://2019.michiganumc.org/preparation) for writing effective legislation include determining what your outcome goal is as there might be a better path.

“Conference resolutions are intended to propose an action that would change our conference procedures, policies or rules,” Price said. “Additionally, resolutions can request action by conference groups or local churches.”

Motions should be concise calls to action with supportive information listed in a rationale and limited to no more than 300 words.

“Please be sure to review the conference website for the rules and other resources. Also, last year’s video titled “One Cookie at a Time” can be used to help make your submission most effective,” Price said.

In addition, at the 2019 meeting at the Grand Traverse Resort, legislation will be considered for endorsement by the annual conference to the General Conference in 2020. Those petitions would recommend a revision or addition to the United Methodist Church Book of Discipline or Book of Resolution. Applicable rules for GC petitions can be found in ¶507 of the Book of Discipline. The deadline date to submit GC petitions for Annual Conference deliberation is April 15.

“Individual United Methodists as well as local committees, churches, and district and conference organizations can submit legislation,” Price said. “Unlike at General Conference where sub-committees act on assigned petitions without presenters, Annual Conference resolutions must be presented at our business session by an AC member, usually the submitter of the recommendation, but can be someone else if the submitter is unable to be present.”    

Resolutions, petitions and legislation questions may be submitted via the conference website or to [email protected].

The Michigan Conference