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Ministering to would-be modern lepers

Pastor Jeremy Scott notes that healthcare is about politics but it’s mainly about real people.

“Dirty Ministry” is the blog of Pastor Jeremy Scott,¬†Vital Congregations Developer for the Mountain Sky Area of The United Methodist Church.

In his recent blog, Scott begins: “We are watching the creation of a new class of socially undesirable people. Modern-day lepers to be feared because the perceived burden they place on society. And I am one of them because I have diabetes.”

He goes on to talk about how Jesus Christ judged the health of the people he met and says, “As the church that was charged to care for the sick like in Matthew 25, we cannot stand by and allow the creation of a new class of ‘undesirables’. Currently, 30 million Americans have diabetes, nearly 1 in 10. Every congregation has many people in it who deal with diabetes and other chronic medical conditions. These conditions are a daily burden and those who deal with them are more prone to self-harm, depression, and even suicide.”

Read more about how Pastor Jeremy believes the church can help.