Board Contacts

Dear Clergy Friends:

Our Board of Ordained Ministry is responsible for matters pertaining to certification, licensing, commissioning, ordination, and conference membership. As a team of clergy and laity, we interview and evaluate candidates for ministry and make recommendations to the clergy session of the Annual Conference. Also, we give attention to the recruitment and enlistment of ordained clergy who may serve in our conference in the future, and we offer support and development opportunities for clergy who are currently serving among us. Further, we provide guidance and oversight for clergy who are making changes in their conference relationship.

As chairperson of the Board of Ordained Ministry, I look forward to getting acquainted with you. Please make use of this guide as a reference to help you know whom to call when you have a question or need assistance. We suggest you keep this with your Conference journal.  Each of the persons listed below stands ready to assist you. However, if you are uncertain of whom you should call, please contact the Administrative Assistant for the Board, Sus’ann Busley at 517.347.4173

Grace and peace,

Sherri L. Swanson

Chair, Board of Ordained Ministry


*  Chairperson:
Sherri L. Swanson, 269.756.2053,

*  Conference Relations (Changes in Clergy Status):
  Mark R. Erbes, 517.694.8168,

*  Registrar Full Membership (Elder’s & Deacon’s Orders, Ordination):
  Dean N. Prentiss, 616.988.6738,

*  Registrar Provisional Membership (Elder’s & Deacon’s Orders, Commissioning):
  Kathleen S. Kursch, 989.828.5866,

*  Registrar Local Pastors and Associate Members:
Martin H. Culver, 269.615.1360,

*  Registrar Certified Candidates and DCOM:
Lyle D. Heaton, 517.394.2727,

*  Support and Development Chair:
Harris J. Hoekwater, 269.983.3929,

*  Enlistment and Mentoring Chair:
Mary L.B. Ivanov, 231.798.2181,

*  Secretary:
Carolin S. Spragg, 517.604.0755,

*  Treasurer/Loan Officer:
Diane Gordon, 989.773.6934,

*  Order of Elders Chair:
Lynn Pier-Fitzgerald, 616.396.5205,

*  Order of Deacons Chair:
Gregory W. Lawton, 616.805.5407,

*  John Wesley Association Chair:
Jeremy J. Wicks, 517.851.1494,

*  Cabinet Representative:
William E. Haggard, 616.430.9964,

*  Laity Representative:
Laurie Dahlman, 269.343.1490,

*  Annual Conference Ordination Service Coordinator:
Deb Johnson, 231.649.2302,

Mentoring Groups for Commissioned Candidates:
Devon R. Herrell, 231.796.8315,

Grants Continuing Education, Renewal Leaves, Sabbatical Leaves, and Spiritual Formation Retreats:
Allen Horstman, 231.946.9314,

Counseling Funds:
Harris J. Hoekwater, 269.983.3929,

Specialized Ministries:
Susan Babb, 989.352.7788,

Administrative Assistant to the Board:
Sus’ann M. Busley, 517.347.4173,

* Denotes Executive Committee