Why Take The 7 Habits Course?

You’re smart, you work hard, and you have a strong desire to be successful. Yet, like many others, you probably wonder why you’re not able to achieve more. it’s fundamental problems in the workplace or with your co-workers that hold you back.

Franklin Covey Company has identified five main reasons why many people who work hard everyday aren’t as successful as they should be:

  1. Individuals–and sometimes entire departments–don’t communicate.
  2. There is a lack of trust between management and employees.
  3. Inefficient systems discourage productive work.
  4. In times of dramatic change, people get confused and distracted.
  5. Crises force fast decisions that are often reactive, not proactive.

Over time, any one of these can be devastating to your company and your career. Many never even realize there’s a problem–or they ignore it. They blame outside causes–competition, the economy, changing technology–and begin looking for the next quick fix.

So take a simple test. Just ask yourself how many of these “silent forces” are affecting your future?

I believe you understand the vital importance of creating a healthy work environment and improving your own effectiveness. Here’s a process that will help you achieve both of these goals. … and more!