Outline Of Abuse Prevention Policy For Certification Of Volunteer Staff

1. Application: Provide the application form for the prospective counselor to complete. Obtain the required references. The application form has been designed to satisfy both the personnel record required for camp ministries and the Abuse Prevention Policy for certified caregiver. This form shall be kept as a confidential document by the dean.

2. Interview potential counselor: This may be done by the dean or by a designate. Treat this with sensitivity. An interview form is provided for this purpose.

3. Background check: Those who are 19 or older shall fill out the “Permission for Background Check.” Submit a completed “Request form.” Keep a copy for yourself. BE SURE TO PUT YOUR NAME AND CAMP ON THE FACE OF THE FORM AND MAKE TWO COPIES! Send the original to the Conference Center Attn: Pamela Stewart, APT.Be sure the copy clearly identifies you as the dean so that response can be returned to you. Keep a second copy for your files along with the date it was sent.

For those 18 and younger, use the “waiver form for minors” which will be filled out and signed by both the counselor and the counselor’s parent. We have included 18 year olds with minors in this instance because any juvenile back ground can not be checked and at 18 there is no adult history to check.

4. Abuse Prevention Policy Training: The training of your staff will need to include the piece on Abuse Prevention Policy Training. A videotape of the training, complete with instructions, is available to you through the Michigan Area Resource Center (MARC). If you prefer you may contact someone from the Abuse Prevention Team for assistance.

5. When you have completed the following:

a. Application with references.

b. Interview.

c. Background check or waiver for minors.

d. Training

If certification has been approved, the certification card will be mailed to you to give to your staff member. Certification is effective for 3 years, when the 3 year period is over we request you only re-submit the background check.  When staff is used for numerous camps the material may be photocopied and used with other deans.  You will keep the supporting data on file just as you currently do with the personnel file.

If certification has been denied, you will return to the applicant all forms that he/she filled out personally. You will destroy all documents you received from others or filled out yourself. Also, you will inform the application that they have recourse to appeal to the Abuse Prevention Team. Offer them the names of members.

6. Abuse Prevention Team Members includes: