Criminal Background Checks For Individual Churches

Churches are encouraged to set up their own access accounts for criminal background checks.  The conference is willing to do initial checks while waiting for account access.

Michigan State Police background checks are conducted free for registered non-profits.

Background Checks Step by Step

The Michigan State Police provides the Internet Criminal History Access Tool, or ICHAT,
which allows you to instantaneously access the criminal history records of individuals
who have been convicted of a crime in Michigan, as well as for individuals who have
pending criminal cases.  ICHAT is an easy way to access this information, and the fee is
waived for non-profit charitable agencies (the cost is $10.00 per request for for-profit
businesses and private individuals).

Each local church is a 501c3 organization, which qualifies it as a non-profit. If your church does not have the paperwork to prove this, you may use this GCFA link to obtain it:

To access ICHAT,  click or type in your browser.  If you have not used
ICHAT before, you will need to register yourself and your organization.  For each entry,
you will need the subject’s full name (including aliases and/or maiden names), sex, race,
and date of birth.  The response will provide all personal descriptors on file and a list of
convictions and/or pending cases involving the subject. Please note that this search will
only include convictions recorded in Michigan; suppressed records and warrant
information are not available through ICHAT.  Also not included are federal records,
tribal records, and criminal history from other states; a search for a record that may be in
another state requires that you correspond with that state directly.

To obtain a government/charitable Agency Code (AIN – necessary to perform the checks
at no charge) you will need to fax the following information to ICHAT Coordinator Ted
Kilvington at 517-241-0866:

• Organization name, address, and phone number
• Federal ID number
• Name and e-mail address of contact person
• Number of additional users
• Estimated number of annual searches
• A copy of your 501c3 certificate (for all other non-profit charitable organizations)

For more information about ICHAT you may call 517-241-0713 or e-mail MSP-CRD-
  For information about more in-depth criminal history
searches, visit, and click on “Crime Prevention, Safety &
Services” in the left-hand column, then click on “Police Services for Citizens,” then click
on Requesting Criminal History Records.